Design Rule of 3: a designer’s perspective

A 45 minute Experience Report by:

Chirryl-Lee Ryan

Fjord, Accenture

About this Experience Report

Faced with ever growing customer expectations, start-up mania and disruption, many organisations are suffering from innovation stagnation. Unable to differentiate their brands, products and services, their future success depends on managing and responding to change with continuous rapid innovation.

We know design can boost organisations' performance and value because creating enduring customer relationships is a natural outcome. While design thinking should be embedded across organisations, design doing must involve design experts. It must be driven by people passionate about the craft of design. Where design thinking ends and design doing begins is blurred…so what will designers need to do to prepare for the future?

I will talk about Fjord's Design Rule of 3, and what this means for designers.

About the Speaker

Chirryl-Lee is a Global Design and Innovation Principal and Service Design Director at Fjord. Along with leading the design practice in the Fjord Milan Studio, she teaches, coaches and shapes the future of design through disruptive, transformational design experiences and approaches.

A passionate transdisciplinary designer, Chirryl-Lee has more than 20 years' experience practising and studying a wide range of disciplines including visual, typography, film, advertising, writing, photography, interaction, experience, marketing, psychology, architecture and industrial design.

She leverages her broad design experience to help everyone from organisational giants to hungry startups improve and evolve their relationships with the people who use their products and services. Her vision is that everyone can live better lives through design, and her mission is to empower people with the skills and confidence to create the change they want to see in the world.