Interacting with words: can typography improve user experience?

A 45 minute Experience Report by:

Alessio Laiso


About this Experience Report

Most of the information in user interfaces is communicated in written form. Whenever people are using a piece of software, they are actively interacting with words. How can we improve typography to improve user experience? This session dives into the secrets of type design and typography: from how a typeface is made, to how its effective use in software design can improve conversion rates, accessibility, usability and user satisfaction.

About the Speaker

Alessio Laiso is a UX/UI designer at the IBM Design Studio in Dublin. In the past, he has also worked on consumer mobile fitness apps at Runtastic, in Austria, and at the Rome-based agency Vertigo Design.

In addition to his UX/UI job, Alessio has been designing type since 2013. His typefaces have been used by companies including eBay, Amazon, USA Today and Just Eat.