Research for startups...yes, you can!

A 90 minute Workshop by:

Matthew Lee

GrubHub Seamless

About this Workshop

Corporations typically have the budgets to do user research, but can startups also do research to reduce risk? Yes, you can - and you should.

This tutorial outlines research methods to help startups benefit from user research in the initial phases of development. Using experience derived from working in the world's largest organisations, this session will show that research is not out of reach anymore. By doing it early on, you can reduce risk and increase the likelihood of success.

About the Speaker

Matt is an early pioneer of user experience research, and an evangelist about its role in product success. He has worked with some of today’s biggest online brands - including Amazon, Zappos and Booking - to help refine their online experiences and services for today’s digitally savvy consumer. Most recently he joined GrubHub as Director of User Research to help shape the next generation of online food deliveries.

His most notable project, Microsoft Xbox, owes its worldwide success in part to the feedback and recommendations brought forth as a result of his efforts. Matt is a renowned international speaker, and is considered a leading expert in the UX field.