Stories and lies

A 60 minute Tutorial by:

Sarah Buxton

The Observer Effect

About this Tutorial

Digital may magnify who we think we should be, but it doesn't fundamentally change who we are. We have new tools, louder voices and, as Elon Musk once said, "more power than the president of the United States had 20 years ago”. But some things haven't changed.

We are emotive, irrational, loyal, curious, competitive, unpredictable - totally predictable. We are the ultimate contradiction.

Our beliefs are challenged, our cultures are changing and our perspectives are wide and open to influence.

My session strips it back - back to the fundamentals of communication and the connection we continue to seek. Exploring the time before network, native and nudge. Before instant message and hyper connectivity. Sharing a perspective, based on stories, and showing you how we can apply them to our everyday interactions and conversations.

This session is not about a corporate/brand vision but rather the building blocks that inspire how we think, create changes in behaviour and genuinely impact people and the world around them.

I'll bring Aristotle's rhetoric to life with examples and a narrative that will enable designers and developers, product and sales managers, entrepreneurs and innovators to better understand, despite our knowledge, that our access to one another is only now limited to the story we can tell and the way in which we tell it.

About the Speaker

Sarah has started, scaled, failed, funded, supported, promoted, and driven forward businesses in both b2b and b2c environments.She works with startups, established brands and multi-functional teams to develop human centred propositions and persuasive go to market strategies.

She has failed a few times - and learns continuously. She believes you can disrupt the way people think with just 3 ingredients - credibility, persistence and true empathy.