Designing for macroservices

A 45 minute Experience Report by:

Ré Dubhthaigh

Citi / Independent

About this Experience Report

Push button services that hide complex social, regulatory and logistical challenges behind a simple interface are becoming a dominant model for digital products. But the trade-offs between a seamless experience and the complexity of the real world pose hard questions for designers, especially as we move from consumer experiences to financial services, healthcare and government.

I will draw on my experiences in financial services to discuss the challenges and opportunities in designing for macroservices. I will talk about adapting familiar tools to help design in the messy soup of economics, culture and code (legal and technical) and illustrate with examples from a variety of industries.

About the Speaker

Ré is Design Practice Lead for Citi Innovation Lab, working with cross-functional teams across Citi's innovation network to identify and develop new banking solutions for enterprise. With a background in design research, Ré has previously worked across enterprise, the public sector and academia as an independent consultant.