Sketch for UX

A 60 minute Hands-On by:

April Meyer


About this Hands-On

With lots of designers moving from Photoshop to Sketch to design interfaces, I wanted to see how well it would work for pure UX wireframing and prototyping. Could it replace Axure and enable closer collaboration between UX and UI?

Combining Sketch with 3rd party plugins like Craft and Invision, this session will focus on how to make the switch out of Axure. While Axure is a powerful tool that still has its place for hardcore functional prototyping, Sketch is more lightweight, yet customisable with plugins.

Benefits I have found include:

  • it's easier to share and maintain custom libraries
  • it's easier to edit an individual instance of a symbol/master
  • it's easier to repeat an element and fill with placeholder content
  • there are built in columns for designing responsively
  • there's integration with InVision for prototyping

This session will take participants through a workflow that uses custom shared component libraries to foster consistency and speed in large design teams and shares tricks for making Sketch work for UX designers who still have to answer to traditional stakeholders.

Please note this session requires Sketch with the Craft plugin installed. Free trials are available on the product websites and both are updated regularly. Sketch App is only available for Mac.

Participants should bring their own laptop, or be prepared to share.

About the Speaker

Fascinated by how people use stuff, April has been striving to make experiences better for over 16 years. With a background in print design and typography, she moved into UX with the explosion of mobile app development in 2010. Since then she's been focused on designing intuitive experiences primarily for mobile, but also loves figuring out how to make all the pieces fit in a responsive world. Design thinking, user centred design and collaborative, agile processes are all part of what she does everyday. As is coffee, lots of coffee.