Service design at scale: designing for impact

A 45 minute Experience Report by:

Oli Shaw


About this Experience Report

Through strategic design at scale we can see how designing products and services changes business processes and leads to organisational transformation.

My work has taken me across the world, to global organisations all looking to address a very real problem to them. But regardless of the industry, or market(s) they operate in, there are a number of similar patterns in the problems they’re looking to approach, such as:

  • how do we reduce operational costs?
  • how do we reach and grow a new audience segment?
  • how do we improve business efficiency?
  • how do we increase customer delight?

These are complex problems which lay within complex systems (organisations), so we approach these problems with multi-disciplinary teams; combining strategy, business, service design, interaction, visual, content, technologists, motion designers and many other skills.

Increasingly, we see a great benefit in inducting key people within the business into the design teams, as they have not only the domain of knowledge, but also the connections within the organisation to accelerate finding and creating the solutions.

The best solutions come from a clear understanding of the end to end journey, which often spans multiple business silos within an organisation. Solutions need to find a balance in priorities with commercial needs, feasibility and user needs. The results can often impact and demand changes to:

  • business process and models
  • employee tools and training
  • how quality and success is measured within an organisation

About the Speaker

Oli has over 18 years' experience in strategy, comms and service design. He's currently the Global Service Design Director for Designit.

He works with Fortune 500 brands, consulting strategically for companies' senior executives and boards globally. He creates new, improved and more meaningful experiences for businesses, customers and employees. He has created design studios and creative departments and grown design teams internationally.

Oli is fascinated by the culture that surrounds us and our evolving relationship with brands, business and technology. He looks to better understand the connection between these things, exploring how to shape the relationship we have with the world around us - as consumers, employees or organisations.

He has worked in Europe, APAC, MART and the US, with brands such as Vodafone, Nokia, Telstra, UBS, RBS, Garanti/BBVA, Turkish Airlines, IsBank, Guardian Media, BSKYB, BBC, Adidas, Tesco, Coles, Panasonic and a number of startups - both B2C and B2B.