16 - 17th June 2016
etc.venues St Paul's, London, UK

Agile Architecture with The Simpsons

John Dusting Touch The Cloud Ltd.
Parmjit Abuja Touch The Cloud Ltd.

Session type: Workshop
Session duration: 90 minutes

Slides from session

The slides used for this session are available to download from here.

About this Workshop

This is a hands on workshop that first teaches just enough theory so teams can then go on build a solution with Lego during 3 ten minute Sprints. While this is undeniably fun there’s a very real practical element in it as teams are exposed to a real life Product Owner. The two Product Owners available to the teams know roughly what they want and approximately how they want it but be prepared for them to dislike what you’ve built or even change their minds all under strict time limits. This is the workshop to bring your boss and colleagues to who aren’t quite yet convinced how Agile works and what benefits it can bring.

About the Speakers

John Dusting

John Dusting, commonly known as JD to all except his wife and mum, is a BCS Certified Agile Tester and Certified Scrum Master. Over the last 20 years JD worked in Defence and Government in Infrastructure and Test roles and has even delivered a couple of successful projects. In all this excitement he discovered Agile values and realised he’d been trying to do Agile all along without knowing it. With increased budget and delivery pressure he finds even his arena starting to look outside the box as how to get more done with less. The conversation then usually starts with ‘well, we could try Agile…’. In the course of evangelising Agile values he has written and presented ‘Agile Architecture with The Simpsons’ and now ‘The 5 Levels of Agile’.

Parmjit Abuja

Parmjit is an Certified Agile Tester and Test Manger with over 20 years’ experience in managing test teams, having a key role in the success of many projects. For the past 15 years he has been working in Defence and Government. He has used and championed Agile project management techniques since 2009 in many organisations and continues to deepen his experience, expertise, and coaching skills through advanced study and facilitation.