Don't divide and conquer when you can segment and thrive

A 60 minute Keynote by:

Kate Gray

The Contrarian Group

Chris Young

Honeycomb TV Ltd

About this Keynote

We were asked what we thought about doing an activity-based keynote for Agile in the City: Birmingham and as a result are presenting a widescreen version of the Segmentation Exercise which has been the centre of our workshops and talks over the past couple of years.

Presented in the round we’ll show you how when faced with the need to affect change, the political campaigning technique of segmentation can be used to help you focus on the people who can help you the most and how they in turn become your greatest asset, helping you achieve your goals.

About the Speakers

Kate Gray

Kate began her career in US national politics. Since that time, her professional experience has focused on business strategy and growth, along with marketing, brand and communications strategy drawing on the fundamentals she learned in Washington, DC.

She has consulted with and held board-level roles at global and national businesses, worked with investors across their portfolios, and spent time at start-ups and early stage companies. Her sector experience includes technology, pharmaceutical, media, luxury travel, FMCG and omni-channel retail.

She's currently working on an enterprise agile transformation programme at a major financial services company. Free time is spent mentoring start-ups in a number of sectors and women interested in working in tech.


Chris Young

Chris has been leading engineering teams since 1999. He was pivotal in the BBC’s adoption of agile in 2000-2001. Since then he has worked for broadcasters and platform owners including Dish Network in the US and Deutsche Telekom in Europe.

He led the development team for the YouView set top box user interface and headed up engineering for YouTube’s largest content network outside the US. He is now CTO of Honeycomb TV Ltd.

He is an active member of the lean/agile/DevOps community, speaking at Meetups and conferences across Europe including GOTO Berlin, Agile Cambridge, CukeUp and QCon.


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