Structuring your organisation and teams for autonomy of work - some whys, some hows, some dont's!

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Doug Talbot

Ocado Technology

About this Case Study

This session is mostly based around the experiences of allowing departments to restructure themselves at Ocado Technology. Having self-organising teams is a principle of the agile movement: we took some work done by other organisations and adapted this philosophy at greater scale for some of our departments.

I will talk about why we decided to go on this path, covering challenges such as autonomy, learning fast, feedback and alignment in a mid-large size technical group, how we ran the process, how we measured the outcomes and what we learnt.

About the Speaker

Doug Talbot is currently the Head of Organisational Effectiveness for Ocado Technology, leading a team of catalysts focused on improvements in culture, building the right thing and building it right.

Doug has been transforming organisational culture, structure and technology for over a decade. He believes in creative and innovative change through empowering learning culture and lean thinking. He has led and transformed groups within science, government, banking and retail. Doug has spoken at many conferences on lean culture, organisational transformation, measuring the right thing and agile.


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