Agile from product exploration phase

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Anurag Chatterjee

First Utility

About this Case Study

A major airline wanted to transform its online customer journey but was lacking enough business steer and understanding about how to do it. At the same time, the airline appreciated the business value of doing this. It also needed to challenge the existing technology stack.

Key takeaways:

  • the business continues to deliver better understood requirements in chunks and focus on need of the day over the horizon
  • teams can adapt to ever evolving requirements, and get engaged from the very beginning while maintaining a clear focus on the project vision
  • projects deliver the most valuable features sooner, embrace change, and provide better project visibility
  • and finally, here we go, ready for a launch!

We'll look at when to follow scrum and when not to...and is kanban a way out?

Challenges and things we learned:

  • Always honour separation of concerns - since this change also needed a technology stack shuffle, often development teams were dragged into technology and tools evaluations, which distracted them from their core responsibility. A separate core technology team was brought into the picture later, which then took over this work. This also had an inverse effect when the core team came up with a strategy that was different to the one taken in the coding so far and resulted in unnecessary refactoring tech debts.
  • Work towards thin slices of functionality instead of a fully-fledged product.
  • Working with the existing core legacy systems.

About the Speaker

Anurag started his career as a java developer in India, slowly moving towards becoming team lead and then scrum master of a team.

He has been engaged with various big clients in different phases of software development, eg from production support, enhancement to development from scratch. He has worked in manufacturing, hospitality and utility domains projects. He has been part of one of biggest software firms in India.

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