Finding our agile feet

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Max Woolf


About this Case Study

Substrakt recently celebrated its 10th birthday but since adopting a more agile approach to projects in the past 18 months, has seen explosive growth in its client base and overall happiness of both clients and employees alike.

In this case study I'll discuss our evolution towards agility, the pitfalls, the advantages and the reaction from both employees and clients.

Part 1 - how we were

I'll talk about our original approach to project delivery, our love of waterfall and ultimately how it just didn't scale beyond smaller websites, smaller budgets and smaller teams.

Interlude - small-a, not big-A, agile

Briefly, I'll make the case that the big-A ""Agile"" industry is not helping the software development industry and discuss the idea that lacking an agile certification doesn't preclude an organisation from becoming more agile or embracing more agility within its processes.

Part 2 - how we are now

I'll talk about our evolution towards agility from adopting kanban and scrum-like processes and implementing a DevOps culture within the company. I'll put across the idea that 'agile transformation' doesn't have to happen overnight but can be slowly implemented over a period of months and years with continual improvement (ironically) based on client and employee feedback.

I'll also share our tools, processes and approach to agile software development using two real-life projects as case studies.

About the Speaker

Max is a senior developer at Substrakt. He's a strong advocate of employing agile ideas within organisations (technology or otherwise) without being too bogged down in the detail of particular 'Agile' methodologies. He's also an avid tea drinker, piano player and guide dog puppy carer.


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