Product owner challenge

A 90 minute Workshop by:

Michael Tarnowski

Slides from session

The slides used for this session are available to download from here.

About this Workshop

Product owner challenge is an agile game with Lego bricks. It supports organisations in transitioning from waterfall to agile. The game illustrates the agile mindset to a waterfall-driven product development culture: stop micro-management and communicate face-to-face clear objectives, requirements and product vision.

In the workshop you'll experience the importance of 'walk and talk' objectives, collaboration, clear product visioning and trust in the dev team - real challenges for traditional-minded product development departments.

About the Speaker

Michael Tarnowski is the founder of He is also a management consultant (Mgt 3.0, lean change management), organisational development and process improvement consultant (ISO 15504, CMMI), scrum master, agile coach and transformational change agent. He is dedicated to gamification moderation tools, theatre plays, acting and directing.


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