Information security in agile development

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Jim Gumbley


About this Case Study

Traditional design processes 'sandwich' security thinking at the beginning and end of development. Many agile teams end up being sandwiched by security and struggle to bring it into iterative processes. Some agile teams are leading by hiring security engineers directly into delivery teams, but most struggle to make sense of security or don't know where to start. This session is based on learnings about what does and doesn't work from a variety of public and private sector case studies.

This is not a technical session - it is pitched at non technical folks as much as technical.

About the Speaker

Jim Gumbley is a technical lead at ThoughtWorks UK, a software consultancy. Over the past 5 years with ThoughtWorks, he has worked for a variety of public and private sector organisations from the Government Digital Service to major UK banks. Jim's focus is leading and supporting agile software delivery projects with a focus on cloud computing, infrastructure and information security.


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