Your brain on Agile

A 60 minute Keynote by:

Jenni Jepsen


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About this Keynote

Agile works to deliver the right product faster and to increase people's motivation. Often, though, the focus on individuals and interactions leads to push-back from management. What if we could prove this focus is the reason we reap the benefits of agile and create lasting change?

Jenni Jepsen found the proof – and she'll share the neuro-scientific evidence of why agile works – a far more accurate view of human nature based on breakthroughs in how our brains function, how we are motivated and how to create lasting change.

About the Speaker

Jenni Jepsen is a transformation advisor at goAgile, a Denmark-based agile consulting firm, where her focus is on helping people deliver value faster and create lasting change. By focusing on the value to be achieved and understanding where clients are and where they want to go, Jenni works closely with them to increase organisational effectiveness, motivation and results.

Jenni consults, writes and speaks worldwide about leadership, teams, and how to take advantage of how our brains function to get optimal thinking in the workplace. She runs Intent-based Leadership™ courses together with award-winning author of Turn the Ship Around!, L. David Marquet, and is currently writing a book about how leaders create ownership.


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