Jose Mourinho, complexity thinking and agile team-building

15–16th June 2017
at etc.venues St Paul's

A 45 minute Tutorial by:

Alan O'Callaghan

Emerald Hill Limited

About this Tutorial

The creation of autonomous teams is central to many human endeavours, not least team sports like football. Jose Mourinho is unique, not just for his unparalleled success in building title-winning teams across Europe, but because he explicitly links his coaching methods to complexity thinking as espoused by, for example, the French philosopher Edgar Morin.

This session illustrates this approach with examples from Mourinho's controversial history as a coach (a history which itself ensures a lively session!) and identifies specific lessons that can be applied in agile software development. Interactive aspects of the session are designed to expose ideas about how roles such as product owners and developers, and not just scrum masters and agile coaches, are key in growing cohesive, self-managing teams.

About the Speaker

Alan is an experienced lean-agile transformation consultant, scrum coach and software architect who works with large corporations and start-ups alike, helping them to gain fluency in the agile approach.

As a SAFe 4.0 Program Consultant (SPC) he is qualified to train and certify agile leaders in organisations to establish agile practices and raise the performance level of their agile software development teams and the business value of their agile projects, drawing on his own extensive experience in the product owner and scrum master roles.

Like many in the lean-agile community, Alan has roots in object-oriented programming, software and systems architecture and the Patterns Movement. It was through an active interest in, and participation in the research of, Jim Coplien's organisational patterns that he first came across scrum (as a pattern language) at the OOPSLA convention in 1998, after which scrum gradually took over more and more of his professional life.

Described as having a "laid back charm", he nevertheless generates enthusiasm and energy in the agile teams he works with. Alan is an active member of the Scrum Patterns Group (ScrumPLoP).


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