Practical value stream mapping for flow optimisation

15–16th June 2017
at etc.venues St Paul's

A 90 minute Hands-On by:

Joe Schmetzer


About this Hands-On

It can be hard to understand why software takes so long to build and deliver. A value stream is a good tool help visualise the steps, but it won't tell you what to do next. This session helps to answer the questions:

  • What is a value stream?
  • How do I create a value stream?
  • What is the difference between resource efficiency and flow efficiency?
  • How do I optimise for flow efficiency?

I run this session in 2 halves. In the first half, I give a presentation which:

  • introduces value streams
  • graphically shows a value stream based on resource efficiency
  • graphically shows a value stream based on flow efficiency
  • compares and contrasts the value streams
  • talks about how an organisation can improve their value streams using the Toyota Improvement Kata

In the second half, I run a practical exercise where I split participants into small teams. Each team will then use pens and index cards to build their value stream from scratch. This exercise is a very practical way to see the issues involved in documenting value streams, as well as understanding how easy they are to create!

About the Speaker

Joe Schmetzer is a renaissance developer and curious person. He is interested in all aspects of software development, and the culture that surrounds it. As a generalising specialist, coach and communicator, he is always looking for better ways of working.

Joe has been developing software for over 30 years, and has been paid for it for at least 20 years. He has worked in many industries, including insurance, finance, banking, statistics and the odd bit of retail. Joe has always had a focus on learning technical skills, but in recent years he has been studying more about improving the ways that teams can work together more effectively. He also moonlights as one of the organisers of the Extreme Tuesday Club.


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