Systems thinking workshop

15–16th June 2017
at etc.venues St Paul's

A 90 minute Workshop by:

Mike Laurie


Slides from session

The slides used for this session are available to download from here.

About this Workshop

Since its beginnings at MIT in the 50s and 60s, systems thinking has been growing in popularity. It is now a vital part in the toolkit of anyone interested in leadership, transformation and creating better outcomes.

In this workshop, we'll talk through some of the background and theories of systems thinking but also get practical by creating and sharing our mental models of services and organisations that we know.

We'll cover:

  • the origins of systems thinking
  • examples of systems models
  • theories that underpin systems thinking
  • systems thinking games/demonstration - MIT Beer Game
  • methods for modelling systems
  • introduction to systems dynamic modelling
  • finding the intervention
  • creating a systems picture

About the Speaker

Mike is a service designer helping organisations innovate their way to a higher standard of service.

He's done this for Lloyds Bank, ITV, the BBC, adidas, V, Skype, Channel4, Experian, UKTI, BIS, BlackBerry, Nestlé, Sky and Cancer Research.

He's a generalist who's been working with digital media for 18 years, capable of designing and building prototypes, but also developing strategies, writing proposals and winning pitches.

The best way to make great interactive services is to treat the process much like learning. Mike tries to create conditions where learning is cherished and people are excited and motivated to push themselves beyond default thinking.

He's fascinated by ways of working that increase flow and motivation. His ideal project has a small multi-disciplinary team, driven by purpose, with an excited and engaged sponsor and tight, iterative feedback loops that include both stakeholders and users.


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